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AccuWebHosting review


Should I choose AccuWeb hosting as my host?

Today, we're here to examine and evaluate the offerings and excellence of AccuWeb Hosting, which is an American-based reputed hosting provider with 18+ years of experience, and an over 95% client satisfaction rate.

You read that right.

But for your knowledge, this one isn't an endorsed review, it's an honest one, and we've put light on our own experience with this host. A 7-member hosting expert team has been behind this 3-month experimentation, and here we've finally pulled out a hefty report for you.

Is AccuWebHosting worth your buck?

For all those looking to buy web hosting, things get complicated when they start counting considerations. Yes, the list is too long, and checking each and everything may take decades for a normal guy!

We listed the biggest considerations and weighed Accuweb Hosting on each one of them. Yes, we experienced everything rather than believing the facts. This gave us a crystal clear resort and helped us in deciding whether to recommend it or not. 

The flexibility of hosting types, plans, and features

Accuweb Hosting has served over a hundred thousand websites and still maintains the maximum satisfaction rate in the industry. How?

The reason is that this host has got "plenty for everybody." no matter if you desire to begin with a small budget for hosting, or you're a huge enterprise with massive requirements, it seems that AccuWeb won't let you go to somebody else!

The journey of plans starts from an absolutely free web hosting plan, which will entirely baffle you! Hardly any other web host provides such amazing features with an "entirely free" hosting plan. 

After that, you can grab Windows hosting plans for as low as $2.99, then VPS, then dedicated server, and so on, and there are plans worth thousands of dollars also!

No matter if you choose Windows VPS, WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Forex VPS, or any other hosting, you'll get enough plans at a great price range (and price points). Upscaling and downscaling plans and switching between hosting types is easy with Accuweb. 

Let's talk about speed

No website owner desires to frustrate the website visitor with slow loading. Search engines desire the same, more than you. Hence, there's no place for a slow hosting provider in the industry today. 

You may have heard about the speed of some of the biggest hosting providers, but our results were actually better with Accu. It was shocking to know that in more than 70% of big server locations on the globe, AccuWeb dominates. We chose the South Africa data Center, and still, the mid-weight eCommerce website was opened in 1.3 seconds as an average in Australia. 

The GT Matrix and Google insights were amazing. We know that much depends upon your website developers and designers in this department, but latency and ping also matter a lot. 

Both Latency and Ping are highly appreciable, especially considering the pricing. 

Security and backup

Sometimes, a web host sounds and looks very generous but doesn't support you in a few departments where you need their support the most. 

The importance of secure web hosting is the most today when thousands of ways of penetrating a website are available. 

Have you thought of a scenario where your website's security gets compromised, and your web host refuses to support you? 

That's hectic. We tried to create a similar situation with a few hosts recently, and the experience was against expectations.

Before reviewing AccuWeb, we deeply analyzed and tested the security channels of this host, besides checking their backup facilities.

Security will be top of everything no matter which plans you choose, and you get various types of backups with various types of plans/hosting types. With shared plans, you mostly enjoy daily backups. 

Customer support: AccuWeb is the "Sirius" of the sky!

Sometimes, communicating with the web hosting provider's support team can make the customer feel the need to physically reach through the phone and choke the useless fellow on the other line. 

However, other times, it can be productive, pleasant, and even downright fabulous. We are pretty pleased to exclaim that from our experience with AccuWeb's support team; they certainly belong to the latter category. 

We never got a chance to submit a support ticket throughout our 3-month testing period, so we contacted their live chat to figure out how they responded to the basic issues, and they left nowhere behind in impressing us! 

Not only did their support team respond to us immediately (we had to wait half a few seconds, but that's truly amazing considering we had to wait for around 20 minutes with some other web hosting), they were patient, knowledgeable, and they hardly let you feel the tension. Their customer support is fun, as they simply absorb your tension. They assist you in fixing your issues step by step. 

The "Uptime" factor

No matter how sweet the offerings of any web host, if uptime isn't satisfactory, it's better to shift back. Everyone out there claims to offer maximum uptime - 99.99%, but it's also true that reality, in most cases, is miles away from those claims. 

AccuWeb isn't just generous but highly reliable also. Throughout the 3-month testing period, our website didn't go down even for a single second. Now that's something truly shocking. Our experts expect AccuWeb's uptime to be around 99.97% (we can say that for any pain hosting plan from Accu).


Pricing and value for money factor

Luckily, things feel smooth again with the pricing. AccuWeb is not the cheapest host out there, but it's always affordable. Similarly, as it happens with most hosts, prices get increasingly better as the user signs up for longer periods of time.

Concerning affordability and feature-richness, AccuWeb gives a great competition to the top three hosting providers of the world. Their shared hosting plans are highly affordable, and when talking about the "value" factor, it won't be much to title AccuWeb as the "VPS King" of the industry, as their offerings are unmatched concerning the price. 

A word about the dedicated servers now. Yes, they're always expensive, and they deserve to be. But the concern is performance here. AccuWeb believes in offering top-notch hardware and software, and that is the reason their website and gaming servers always offer better performance than the competitors at matching price points.

We tested their gaming server for Minecraft, and the performance was much better than a few other dedicated Minecraft servers from competing hosts. We truly need to thank the engineers who configure Accuweb's dedicated servers with the modern and most efficient hardware. 

Other factors that appealed to us

  • Money-Back: You get a 30-day money-back guarantee with majority plans. However, the services are excellent due to which hardly any instance of asking for a refund may take place.

  • Ease Signup process: Easy and well-guided signup process.

  • Numerous data centers: AccuWeb has 16 data center locations, meaning that your website will enjoy thrilling speed being hosted in any corner of the world. 

  • No big claims: AccuWeb offers what it says. You don't see any big games or claims on their website. 

  • Account Activation: Your account gets activated instantly in most cases. 

  • No gimmicks in plan renewals: They believe in transparency and clearly display the renewal fees on their service pages. 

  • Convenient control panels: Great convenience is offered to webmasters by providing easy-to-use control panels like C-panel and Plesk. 

  • A huge bundle of specialized services: One of the most versatile web hosts, as they offer tremendous specialized services for WordPress, Joomla, Forex, and so on.

  • Affiliate support: AccuWeb has one of the best affiliate programs in the hosting industry. In a very short time, they've managed to develop a very healthy base of affiliates. Why now, after all, you get up to $200 commission for each signup.

The Final Word: And the Winds flow Accuweb Hosting's side

AccuWeb manages to provide a tremendous mix of resources, power, and affordability and can support humongous and more traffic-heavy websites. They prove to be great for start-ups as well. It's amazing to review such a flawless host, and it's rare as well.

Another big word here: this hosting provider is free from any gimmicks. You get more than what you pay, and this host is crystal clear, much different from most of the others who spin yarns when it comes to pricing and billing.

We'd pridefully recommend AccuWeb Hosting to everybody. No matter what your requirements are, AccuWeb is capable of covering you better than others.

It's flawless hosting. We didn't come across even a piece of inconvenience throughout our experience, and let us admit this; we tested the cheapest shared and VPS hosting plans.

Still, there was nothing to worry about!

What does that mean? AccuWeb is the top choice!


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