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Best VPS Hosting Providers 2024


If there is anything that can keep you and your organization's data safe from any sort of online dangers then it’s the use of a VPS or Virtual Private Server. With the help of a VPS, businesses can enjoy greater uptime, enhanced performance, and unmatched flexibility with amazing affordability. By saving you trouble with tedious downtime, a VPS facility makes your life and operations easier than ever. 

The benefits of a VPS may sound exciting, but it is only applicable if you pick the best VPS hosting service provider. We believe that an educated buyer is a smart buyer, which is why we have come up with a detailed analysis of the top 5 VPS hosting service providers. Have a look at them and you can choose one if it sounds suitable for your needs. 

Before we dig deeper and learn about the best VPS hosting providers, let’s find out what VPS means and whether you actually need it.

Kamatera Kamatera
  • MySQL or MS SQL databases are supported
  • Auto and less tedious VPS upgrades 
  • Support for multiple devices 
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HostPapa HostPapa
  • There is a server firewall and dedicated spam filters for VPS hosting security
  • Cloudflare's content delivery network is offered over 150 datacenters
  • Limitless bandwidth
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GreenGeeks GreenGeeks
  • Offers free domain and site migration facility to the users
  • Responsive chat support
  • One-Click installation of CMS apps
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InMotion Hosting InMotion Hosting
  • SSH and DDoS protection
  • US-based customer service experts 
  • Free site transfer and server management 
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BlueHost BlueHost
  • Adding e-commerce integration
  • Unmetered bandwidth offered to everyone 
  • Enhanced and user-friendly cPanel 
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VPS Hosting - Understanding the Basics

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, and it is the middle path between the dedicated and shared servers. Users of VPS will be able to have certain dedicated private servers for data exchange, without getting involved in the hassles of setting up a server. Hiring a reliable VPS hosting service keeps businesses free from the hassles of server configuration, acquiring high-end technical information, and forming a cloud infrastructure. 

Get a reliable VPS service if: 
  • You need to own dedicated servers to conduct the operating systems;
  • There is a need for server customization;
  • Gaining full control over hosting ecosystem security is the need of the hour;
  • You’re looking to earn added power on a project or website.

With the right kind of VPS hosting, online presence and digitization is going to be highly affordable and goal-focused. Up next, we’re going to review the best VPS hosting service extensively so that you make a wise choice.

Have no time to go through the details? Here is a quick snippet of all these VPS service providers.



Free Trial



Load Balancing




$4 per month to $1,000

Yes, 30 days 



Windows, Android, Linux,


From $19.99 

Per month




Window, Android, Linux


$39.95 a month

No. Only 30-day money-back guarantee



Window, Android, Linux

Inmotion Hosting

$19.99 per month

No. Only 90-day money-back guarantee



Linux, Window, Android, Ubuntu

Blue Host

$18.99 per month




Linux, Windows,  CentOS

#1 - Kamatera

Quick Summary

Kamatera is a US-based VPS hosting service provider offering high-end security and customization, with the data center network spread across the world. They offer users a 30-day free trial, but after this expires, be prepared to spend a little more than usual, since daily backups are part of the schedule.


Kamatera has been around since 1995, and has won many users’ hearts with constant technology updates and facilities. Kamatera's VPS hosting is one of a kind, with high levels of reliability and security, plus constant surveillance of the data center.

When it comes to operational transparency, Kamatera is reliable and trustworthy, as any important information about the server is mentioned on the website in five different languages. 

Kamatera offers various kinds of VPS services. Customers can subscribe to servers that support email, reseller, shared, website, builder and managed all from the same account. Along with reliable VPS hosting, Kamatera also offers services such as anti-spam protection, add-on domains, and public IPs. 


Kamatera incorporates all the leading and essential functions of VPS hosting. With this top VPS hosting service provider, you’re all set to: 

  • Import/export desired files using FTP 
  • Do auto and less tedious VPS upgrades 
  • Create timely and automatic server data backup 
  • Deploy and update SSL certificates 
  • Domain enabling and disabling without much hassle 

Kamatera has a server presence almost everywhere and its high-end cloud infrastructure guarantees uninterrupted speed to the end-user. We went the extra mile to test the verity of this claim, and in our research, we found that its website has below average speed. 

This was a little disappointing, but we were pleased with the uptime of nearly 99.97%. All in all, the result is average speed and moderate downtime is moderate. 

Network and infrastructure

Kamatera features thousands of servers managed exclusively by 13 global data centers, with half of all their servers deployed in Israel, the home of the company. To take care of customers’ hosting needs, they uses hardware like Intel CPUs, scalable RAM, and SSD Storage. 

Kamatera has a highly powerful in-house content delivery network and their computing system is based on foolproof architecture. For uninterrupted core routing, multiple tier-1 fiber carriers are used. All in all, it has a robust infrastructure and network system. 

Best Features
  • Kamatera offers free deployment for applications like Drupal, Magento, WordPress, and many others, with no set-up fee.
  • Multiple modules can be added on different servers are possible. Stats like Disk IOPS CPU Usage and RAM usage can be monitored using these modules. 
  • Kamatera has a strong geolocation infrastructure with a server presence in more than 13 worldwide locations. 


  • MySQL or MS SQL databases are supported. 
  • Virtual 2 layer network can be handled 
  • Support for multiple devices 


  • Suitable for skilled professionals only
  •  Daily back-up increases operational cost 

#2 - HostPapa

Quick Summary

HostPapa is recognized as Canada’s fastest-growing company, and has already hosted over 500,000 websites. HostPapa's security features and user-friendly UI has made it the first choice for many that are seeking a VPS hosting service provider. 


Established in 2006, HostPapa is a Canada-based VPS hosting service provider. It grants commendable computing power to the end-user and helps them gain as much control as possible. Unlimited domains and websites can be hosted with its VPS hosting facility and you even have the choice to launch multiple servers at a time. HostPapa's data center locations are strategically planned, covering the entire USA, Europe, and Canada.

HostPapa has managed to keep its service experience as beginner-friendly as possible. cPanel brings everything to a centralized place, and makes billing, domain, and add-on management a piece of cake. 


HostPapa has managed to look after all sorts of VPS-related requirements. With its suitable VPS subscription, one can:

  • Set the root level access for VPS 
  • Increase the server speed any time using resources like CPU, memory, entry processes, and I/O
  • Launch additional servers and manage them from a centralized place 
  • Do automatic Brute Force detection and create a remedial plan 

HostPapa claims to have more than 99.9% uptime and we found this claim to be true during our testing. We accessed the website without any tedious disruptions. All of its servers deliver blazing speed as each server is supported with an 8-core CPU and 32 gigs of RAM. Its Canada-based servers are the fastest and deliver 121.7 ms global average speed. 

Infrastructure & Network

HostPapa’s infrastructure is capable enough to support 150 telecommunication companies. Its data centers are backed with hefty and high-end security protocols and features. The most notorious online risks and natural disasters will be miles away from HostPapa’s data centers. 

The servers are robust enough to bear the wrath of faulty protection, climate control, diesel backup, and fire suppression systems with full grace. The association of Intel Server product and Cisco-powered network makes its infrastructure very powerful. For VPS, unlimited SSD storage is offered. 

Best Features
  • cPanel grants seamless access to the server settings and lets you handle operations like email management, DNS record configuration, subdomain management, and files & folder editing. 
  • There is a server firewall and dedicated spam filters for VPS hosting security. The timely and automatic intrusion detection ensures that no risks will keep you up at night.
  • Domain privacy feature is offered with higher-level subscriptions. With this feature, end-users are allowed to enjoy automatic backups, privacy protection, and dedicated IP addresses. 


  • Offers free domain name and website migration facility to the end-user 
  • Cloudflare's content delivery network is offered over 150 datacenters
  • Limitless bandwidth
  • Support for two websites even in the basic plan 


  • Add-ons are too costly
  •  The SSL certificate facility is not offered on all the plans 
  • Need to pay extra for a backup facility 

#3 - Greengeeks

Quick Summary

Greengeeks is an environment-friendly VPS provider taking care of server speed and security without any compromise. Enjoy amazing features like nightly auto backups and free domain. 


GreenGeeks stands out from the rest of the top VPS service providers as they take care of Mother Nature while giving you access to the best VPS service. Founded by Trey Gardener in 2008, GreenGeeks has done over 300,000 hostings, with data centers spread across the USA, Netherlands, and Canada. 

They are 300% green, which means that for every kW of energy they draw from the power grid, they return 3kW in the form of wind and solar energy. GreenGeeks not only negates their carbon footprint, but also those of two other similarly-sized companies! GreenGeeks is not just kind to the environment, they also look after their customers. They know the nitty-gritty of online data safety, and they generously offer unlimited data transfer and SSD webspace to even the lowest priced plan.

  • GreenGeeks offers a fully-managed VPS service that includes website transfer and a Softaculous License. 
  • With the help of cPanel, end-users can easily manage the servers, set the access control parameters, manage the domains, set up email accounts, and build a database. 
  • In case you’re not satisfied with GreenGeeks, which is a rarity, you can easily switch to another VPS service provider without losing any data. 

Gladly, GreenGeeks didn’t disappoint at the speed front. Its uptime speed is very impressive, and the average uptime was 99.95% during our long 12-month testing period. Page load time is nearly 477 ms which is a great figure. 

Infrastructure & Network

The server infrastructure of GreenGeeks is quite impressive and robust. During our research, we figured out that all of their servers offer gigabit connectivity and are backed with cutting-edge Intel Xeon processors. 

There is no need of having additional hardware support to utilize their servers. The 128 GB DDR3 ECC-Registered memory and RAID-10 SSD storage array do a great job of delivering amazing performance. With all these features, GreenGreek keeps its promise of endowing its patrons with high-quality servers. 

Best Features
  • Very few VPS hosting service providers have managed to offer automatic backups and GreenGeeks is one of them. It offers free nightly backups with robust security scanning. 
  • Security is not at all compromised, as their facilities are auto brute force detection, SSL secure server, password protection for directories, and Spam Assassin protection. 
  • It’s the only VPS hosting service provider that uses wind energy to run its server. As per the claims, GreenGeeks has managed to save 615,000 kWh a year. It’s the recognized Green Power Partner. 
  • All the VPS hosting accounts are compatible with the CentOS 7 64-bit OS. 


  • Offers free domain and site migration facility to the users 
  • VPS service is offered with cPanel Solo License 
  • Great user-control features
  • Fully managed VPS service with regular OS, Kernel, and PHP updates
  • Responsive chat support
  •  One-Click installation of CMS apps 


  • Subscription renewal is a bit expensive
  • Refund policy is dubious  

#4 - InMotion Hosting

Quick Summary

Packed with every crucial hosting feature, InMotion is here to help individuals and businesses with effective VPS hosting. Its support system is robust and pricing is flexible. 


A giant in VPS hosting, InMotion has more than 250,000 satisfied customers and data centers located in prime locations in Los Angeles and Washington DC. Along with VPS hosting, it assists in WordPress and dedicated hosting as well. 

InMotion has the best money-back guarantee on the market, as it lasts for 90 days. During this extensive time period, you can thoroughly check every aspect of InMotion, to ensure it is suitable for you. Just like GreenGeek, InMotion also cares about the environment and uses Outside Air Cooling technology to run the servers. 

  • Easily managed WordPress website with 200 professional templates. 
  • Content management can be done effectively as WordPress and Drupal integration is offered. 
  • Useful for email set-up, FTP, and domain name. 
  • BoldGrid for amazing website editing. 
  • Quick and reliable MySQL and PostgreSQL databases monitoring. 

The average page load speed was 347 ms during our test, which is a decent figure and won’t bounce back traffic. Uptime is 99.93% with just over six hours of downtime per year. 

Infrastructure and Network

InMotion offers dedicated and managed VPS service through its globally spread servers. It owns Linux-based and WordPress-optimized servers. Servers can handle the WordPress installation with a custom-configured NGINX stack and an in-house caching system.

Best Features
  • InMotion offers e-commerce optimized servers that meet leading PCI compliances and are backed with enough security features. 
  • The dashboard is extensively resource monitoring and provides details like the server’s RAM breakdown and disk bandwidth. 
  • Up to 5 free cPanel accounts are offered, so server management is not a one-man job. 


  • Free site transfer and server management 
  • SSH and DDoS protection 
  • Immediate server snapshot
  • US-based customer service experts 
  • All the plans offer unlimited bandwidth 


  • Plan renewal is a bit expensive
  • Limited features in the basic plan  

#5 - Bluehost

Quick Summary

Backed with the recommendation of WordPress.Org, BlueHost is hugely popular because of its 1-click installations, superb security features, and user-friendliness. 


Established in 1996, Bluehost has come a long way and is now the home of more than 2 million websites. It’s a very beginner-friendly VPS hosting service provider, and is famous for its highly optimized open source technology like KVM and OpenStack. Free SSL certification and site migration facility are offered for each VPS hosting plan. 

All of Bluhost's servers are speed optimized and deliver great speed, and end-users are offered unlimited disk space. All in all, BlueHost delivers the best ROI to their customers. 

  • Impressive website building tool
  • Website editing 
  • Server monitoring and site migration 
  • Website updates and backups 

Even though Bluehost is the oldest player in the VPS hosting world, it has disappointed us when it comes to speed. The page load speed is 713 ms with an average uptime of 99.93%.

Infrastructure and Network

Bluehost is a Utah-based service provider with 6 data centers across the globe. Its servers use CDN for caching and are backed with multiple backup generators and uninterruptible power supplies.

For VPS hosting plan, it uses top-class hardware like SSD, 2 core and 4 core processors, and multiple RAM choices. The dedicated servers are operating on 4 core 2.3GHz processor to deliver enhanced performance.

Best Features
  • Its WordPress website hosting offers a professional website builder. The editor works on the drag-and-drop principle and is super easy to use. Multiple themes are offered. 
  • Microsoft Office Email integration for the first 30 days is free. 
  • cPanel allows end-users to gain root access to the CentOS. 
  • Codeguard is notable protection for the daily backups and helps you get the previous website version easily. 
  • You are allowed to run daily timely backups of the crucial database. 


  • Unmetered bandwidth offered to everyone 
  • Enhanced and user-friendly cPanel 
  • Up to 120GB of RAM offered
  •  At least one domain is offered in every plan
  • Adding e-commerce integration 


  • No cloud hosting feature is offered
  • The minimum subscription lasts for 3 years meaning you are locked in for a long time

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) - Understanding VPS a Little More

What are the common uses of VPS? 

VPS service is mainly used for website/application hosting, gaming server hosting, file storage, and using VPN security. 

When is it the right time to switch from shared hosting to VPS hosting? 

It depends on multiple factors, but if you are running a hefty and business-oriented website, hosting a gaming website, or a website for programming developing, then VPS hosting is the best choice.

What is required to use VPS? 

For Linux VPS, take the help of reliable SSH clients like Putty and WinSCP. To access Window-based VPS, a remote desktop connection is required.

Is it safe to use VPS? 

As the VPS is a server in its own right, it comes with all the security vulnerabilities of any other 'non-virtual' server. This means that a VPS is no more or less secure than running a dedicated server.

How to manage a VPS?  

VPS management can be done from the VPS control panel. Mostly, it’s offered as a cPanel feature in many of the best VPS hosting providers. It can monitor the server’s state closely and help you start, stop, restart, console, and even re-install the OS on the server.

Are DDoS protection  offered with VPS? 

If you’re using the best VPS hosting service providers, then DDoS protection, along with Brute Force Attack protection will be offered.  

Will you get a dedicated IP on VPS? 

With reliable VPS service, end-users are granted unique and dedicated IPv4 addresses. Don’t go for the service providers that offer NAT IP address as it’s not dedicated.

Is it possible to host a gaming server on a VPS? 

Yes, you can effortlessly host a gaming server on VPS. Some of the most popular and well-known games like Minecraft, Garry’s Mod, Team Fortress 2, and many more are hosted on VPS only. 

When Should You Not Use VPS Hosting?

It always feels nice to have dedicated and utterly secure servers rather than shared servers. But, this is not always needed, depending on your circumstances. Choosing the best VPS hosting service is not going to bring desired results and impressive ROI when the hosted website is not a mission-critical one and is not meant to fetch considerable traffic. 

Also, if you’re a greenhorn in VPS and want to learn about the fundamentals of cPanel WordPress and FTP, don’t invest such a huge sum in VPS since you won’t be able to make the most of it.



VPS hosting is a great choice to make when you want to get rid of sluggish performance and poor-class security of share servers. With the right kind of VPS hosting service, it’s easier to enjoy great scalability, flexibility, and control over the hosting server. 

VPS hosting providers like Kamatera, Hostpapa, GreenGeeks, InMotion Hosting, and Bluehost offer that. We recommend these providers in the sequence we have listed them. If you’re still not sure, you can take advantage of the free trials first, or the money-back guarantee offers. Try VPS hosting now and enjoy improved hosting straight away and into the future. 

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